“With more eyes we can see better” 2009-2011

Project: 2009-1-LT1-GRU06-014715

First meeting in Cyprus (October 2009). Each country’s participants brought forward ideas and decisions which were made of the target groups that would have to use for the project.
We decided to give emphasis on teachers, Social workers and in general people who are working with disabled people. Each organization will have to create a questionnaire that will be answered by individual social workers and teachers indicating – number of the disabled that each social worker has, the relationship that they have with the disabled people’s parents and so on.

The second meeting was in Greece (March 2010). The guest team visited the Theodoridio Centre “Horizons” for People with Special Needs located in the Municipality of Karditsa. They were taken around at the place and the workshops by the expertise staff of the centre. The guests were especially impressed by the social workers’ zeal, love and affection towards the people with special needs. After that the team was met and welcomed by the Mayor of Karditsa at the Town Hall and given local souvenirs.
Seminars took place at the school of English “ATHENA”, with the aid of all hi-tech advanced means which are available like Interactive Boards, PC’s, video projectors and so on. The participants of the programme from the four European Countries exchanged knowledge, experience and information in order to improve and facilitate people with special needs learning procedures. There were presentations by the people in charge of each group and then a thorough discussion took place with a view to improving the rest of the programme. There was a presentation of the research done and the collected evidence was analyzed as well as steps were planned for the rest of the programme. There will be meetings at the home town of each group so that the final target will be achieved.


The third workshop was held in Italy (Rome) in October 2011. It was presented in theatrical Artestudio where children with disabilities participated. This is a music-ancient drama, which touched all the spectators. Then, there was a discussion with the Artistic responsible for the overall process. The next day, all participants provided information what every country does for the education of people with disabilities (workshops and support centers-disabled state and private) allowances and benefits of disabled people, disabled people’s rights and laws protecting those people. Finally the steps for the next meeting were scheduled, which are necessary to produce the final product.


The fourth workshop was held in Cyprus (Larnaca) in April 2011. The participants visited a centre for people with disabilities and they were taken around to places and workshops by staff of the Centre and they had the opportunity to exchange views on the education of people with disabilities. Then attended a play on “the traditional Cyprus wedding”, where actors were the same the children of the centre where they were delighted and it was broadcast to the public. The fourth meeting ended with a visit to Famagusta Adult Education Centres, where the final product was presented and participants discussed for possible corrections and remarks. The team received local souvenirs which are made by the children with disabilities.


The fifth (final) workshop was held in Siauliai (Lithuania) in June 2011. The participants visited the Social Care Centre “Goda” for people with disabilities and they were taken around to places and workshops by staff of the Centre and they had the opportunity to exchange views on the education of people with disabilities. Also, they visited a religious place named as “the hill of crosses” and others historical sightseeing’s in Siauliai. At last, are organized the following:

  1. presentations about the conclusion of the project, in the municipal conservatory.
  2. presentation and finalization of the final material (e-book) of the project, in the places of the Social Care Centre “Goda”.
  3. visit in Vocational training for disabled people. Rehabilitation vocational training centre (Radviliskis)
  4. music therapy method: “Color music” orchestra
  5. meeting with mayor of Siauliai at the Town Hall in which were given local souvenirs.
BOOK: Focus on experience gained from specific method I apply working with people with special needs


1 Stroggili Athena
2 Souflakos Vasilios
3 Stroggili Maria-Elefteria
4 Kontogeorgos Konstantinos
5 Souflakos Epaminondas
6 Ikonomou Antigoni
7 Panagou Evangelia
8 Souflakos Nikolaos
9 Papakonstantinou Dimitroula
10 Exarchou Zoi

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